4-Month-Old Puppy Development

Chihuahua puppy sitting on sofa, 4 months old female

4-Month-Old Puppy Development -What to expect Key takeaways Continue with your puppy’s training. A 4-month-old pup will know the basics of obedience, socialization, and potty training, but they still have more to learn. Decrease your puppy’s daily number of meals. 4-month-old puppies need to be fed between 2 to 3 portions of food a day. … Read more

How to Help Your Puppy Stop Crying In Its Crate

puppy lying in crate

How to stop your puppy from crying in its crate at night How to stop your puppy from crying in its crate at night – Key takeaways Keep a routine. Puppies thrive on routine which will help them understand when it’s time to settle down to sleep. Crate location is key. Start by placing the … Read more

How Much Water Should a Puppy Drink

puppy beagle dog drinking water

Key takeaways How much water a puppy needs to drink depends on its age, weight and activity levels. If your puppy is fully weaned, the general rule is 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. So, an 8-week-old puppy that weighs 5 pounds will need to consume 5 ounces of water … Read more

8 Week+ Puppy Development – What To Expect

taking your puppy home

8 Week Old Puppy Development – What To Expect In this article Puppy Development 8 Weeks to 12 Weeks The day’s finally come and you’ve just brought your new puppy home. Hopefully, you’ve got everything you need for your new dog. But there’s still time to check out our in-depth puppy preparation guide if you … Read more

Puppies first bath

Puppy's first bath

When Can You Bathe a Puppy for the First Time? Key takeaways You can start bathing a puppy at 8 weeks. It’s recommended you wait until your puppy is at least 8 weeks old to start bathing them.   Try to avoid bathing your puppy from week 5 or 6. Puppies at this age have … Read more

Why is my puppy breathing so fast when asleep?

puppy dreaming

Key takeaways There are numerous reasons why your puppy could be breathing fast while sleeping, in most cases, it’s simply a normal sign of REM sleep. Puppies tend to take in more breaths per minute than adult dogs. The average resting breathing rate for puppies is between 15 to 40 breaths per minute. Contact a … Read more

Why Is My Puppy Pooping So Much?

Puppy pooping in backyard

Why is my puppy pooping so much? Key takeaways Too much fiber. If your pup’s diet is rich in fiber, whether coming from treats or their main food, they are going to poop more in terms of quantity and frequency.  Eating kitchen scraps. Some ingredients in human food can lead to an upset tummy and … Read more

10 week puppy development – What To Expect

10 week cavalier king charles spaniel

In this article 10-Week-Old Puppy Development – What to Expect Caring for a 10-week-old puppy can certainly be a bit of hard work as a lot has changed since your pooch was 8 weeks or even 6 weeks of age. In addition to being more adventurous (and mischievous), a 10-week-old puppy is now older enough … Read more

12 Week+ Puppy Development – What To Expect

Walking Labrador puppy

In this article Week 12 Onwards Puppy Development – What to Expect Now that your puppy is 12 weeks old, you’ve probably noticed they’ve come on leaps and bounds since they first came home. They should be settled into their environment and used to being around you (perhaps a little too much!). This stage of … Read more

When Can Puppies Get Groomed for the First Time?

puppy grooming

When can puppies get groomed for the first time? Key takeaways Start getting your puppy groomed at 10 to 12 weeks old. This will help your pup become accustomed to a grooming environment as young as possible. Make sure your puppy is fully vaccinated. Your puppy should have completed both rounds of their vaccinations before … Read more

How Often Do Puppies Poop?

puppy poo bag

How often do puppies poop? Key takeaways It depends on your dog’s age. It’s more or less normal for young puppies to poop as often as once every 3-4 hours. 1-year-olds should be able to poop twice a day. The poop frequency and amount is influenced by many factors. If your dog recently had a … Read more

What should your puppy’s poop look like?

puppy pooping

What should your puppy’s poop look like – And Why It’s Important Key takeaways Chocolate brown is normal. Any other colors besides chocolate brown can be considered a sign of disease or a health complication.  A firm consistency is preferred. While your puppy’s poop should not be hard, it should also not be watery. Your … Read more

How To Trim Your Puppy’s Nails

trimming a dashunds nails

How To Trim Your Puppy’s Nails Key takeaways Only trim a small section off your puppy’s nail at a time. It’s best to clip off a small amount of nail so you can safely avoid the quick. Make sure there is around 2 mm of nail above the quick. You want to clip your puppy’s … Read more