Puppies first bath

Puppy's first bath

When Can You Bathe a Puppy for the First Time? Key takeaways You can start bathing a puppy at 8 weeks. It’s recommended you wait until your puppy is at least 8 weeks old to start bathing them.   Try to avoid bathing your puppy from week 5 or 6. Puppies at this age have … Read more

When Can Puppies Get Groomed for the First Time?

puppy grooming

When can puppies get groomed for the first time? Key takeaways Start getting your puppy groomed at 10 to 12 weeks old. This will help your pup become accustomed to a grooming environment as young as possible. Make sure your puppy is fully vaccinated. Your puppy should have completed both rounds of their vaccinations before … Read more

How To Trim Your Puppy’s Nails

trimming a dashunds nails

How To Trim Your Puppy’s Nails Key takeaways Only trim a small section off your puppy’s nail at a time. It’s best to clip off a small amount of nail so you can safely avoid the quick. Make sure there is around 2 mm of nail above the quick. You want to clip your puppy’s … Read more

How to bathe a puppy – Step by step

puppy head clean in bath

Key takeaways Identify your puppy’s coat type Offer treats and cuddles Begin with lukewarm water and a washcloth Move on the using shampoo Be gentle Avoid eyes, ears, and nose Rise thoroughly Conditioner time Time for a blow-dry or towel In this article How to bathe your puppy – step-by-step Step 1: Identify your puppy’s … Read more