4-Month-Old Puppy Development

Chihuahua puppy sitting on sofa, 4 months old female

4-Month-Old Puppy Development -What to expect Key takeaways Continue with your puppy’s training. A 4-month-old pup will know the basics of obedience, socialization, and potty training, but they still have more to learn. Decrease your puppy’s daily number of meals. 4-month-old puppies need to be fed between 2 to 3 portions of food a day. … Read more

8 Week+ Puppy Development – What To Expect

taking your puppy home

8 Week Old Puppy Development – What To Expect In this article Puppy Development 8 Weeks to 12 Weeks The day’s finally come and you’ve just brought your new puppy home. Hopefully, you’ve got everything you need for your new dog. But there’s still time to check out our in-depth puppy preparation guide if you … Read more

10 week puppy development – What To Expect

10 week cavalier king charles spaniel

In this article 10-Week-Old Puppy Development – What to Expect Caring for a 10-week-old puppy can certainly be a bit of hard work as a lot has changed since your pooch was 8 weeks or even 6 weeks of age. In addition to being more adventurous (and mischievous), a 10-week-old puppy is now older enough … Read more

12 Week+ Puppy Development – What To Expect

Walking Labrador puppy

In this article Week 12 Onwards Puppy Development – What to Expect Now that your puppy is 12 weeks old, you’ve probably noticed they’ve come on leaps and bounds since they first came home. They should be settled into their environment and used to being around you (perhaps a little too much!). This stage of … Read more

7 Week Puppy Development – What To Expect

7 week old labrador

In this article 7 Week Puppy Development – What to Expect Onwards Owning a 7-week-old puppy is exciting, but they need a lot of time, care, and attention. Dogs, especially when young, require a lot of work and commitment. Puppies should still be with their mother and siblings until at least 8 weeks of age, … Read more

What To Consider Before Getting A Puppy

dog with family

In this article What You Need to Consider Before Getting a Puppy: Key takeaways Don’t buy a puppy on a whim. It is never advised to buy a pup on a whim, without doing plenty of research before. Potential owners must determine if they have all of the resources needed. Raising a puppy is an … Read more

6 week puppy development what to expect

Border Terrier with 6 week old puppies playing

In this article Week 6 of Puppy Development – What to Expect Puppies can certainly be a handful, particularly in the first couple of months of their life when they are learning about the world around them. But at 6 weeks old, your puppy is still a little too young to leave their mother and … Read more

6 Month+ Puppy Development – What To Expect

6 month old Labrador retriever

In this article 6 Puppy Development – What to Expect It seems like only yesterday you were bringing your tiny puppy home for the first time. But at 6 months old, your pooch is now considered an adolescent.   They’re in the final stretch of their development stage, and pretty soon you’ll have an adult … Read more

9 Week Puppy development – What To Expect

9 week old lab puppy

In this article 9-Week-Old Puppy Development – what to expect At 9 weeks old, your puppy should either have had a week to settle in with you or is about to come home for the first time. Hopefully, your house is fully prepared for the addition of a new pup and you have everything you … Read more