How To Trim Your Puppy’s Nails

trimming a dashunds nails

How To Trim Your Puppy’s Nails Key takeaways Only trim a small section off your puppy’s nail at a time. It’s best to clip off a small amount of nail so you can safely avoid the quick. Make sure there is around 2 mm of nail above the quick. You want to clip your puppy’s … Read more

Best dog activity trackers in 2023

Best Dog Fitness Trackers

Support We may have included affiliate links in this article. Read more about how we make money. In this article Best Dog Activity Trackers in 2022 As you know, your dog needs plenty of exercise to ensure that he or she lives a long and happy life (with you!). Below we’ve shared our reviews … Read more

How to bathe a puppy – Step by step

puppy head clean in bath

Key takeaways Identify your puppy’s coat type Offer treats and cuddles Begin with lukewarm water and a washcloth Move on the using shampoo Be gentle Avoid eyes, ears, and nose Rise thoroughly Conditioner time Time for a blow-dry or towel In this article How to bathe your puppy – step-by-step Step 1: Identify your puppy’s … Read more

Why do puppies bark in their sleep?

puppy sleeping in bed

Key takeaways Dogs bark or make other vocalizations during sleep when they dream, so it’s completely normal behavior. Barking alongside twitching and other movements during a nap is associated with dreams, which occur most often during REM sleep. Many dogs try to act out their dreams, and that’s why they usually bark, run or twitch … Read more

Why Do Puppies Twitch In Their Sleep?

puppy dreaming

Key takeaways Light twitching is commonly a sign that your puppy is growing. Many dogs shake or jolt slightly in their sleep, especially during the REM stage. Twitching is also more common in puppies as they are still growing! Watch for signs of seizure. Twitching that is particularly violent and followed by symptoms like stiff … Read more

Why is my puppy peeing a lot?

Puppy pee on pad

Puppy Peeing a Lot – Every 5 minutes, 10 minutes – What’s normal? Its common for puppies that have small bladders to pee once every 10 to 30 minutes. However, a higher frequency than that should convince you to take your pup to the vet.  But what is too much when it comes to peeing? … Read more

How to help your puppy sleep through the night

french bulldog sleeping in crate

Surviving your puppy’s first night – What to expect What to expect from your puppy’s first night – Key takeaways The first few nights will likely be the most difficult. A new environment will be scary and stressful for your pup, especially as they don’t have their mother for comfort. Expect your puppy to cry … Read more

Moving Home With A Dog

Moving home with a dog

Key takeaways Keep your dog’s routine the same Register with a new vet and update your dog’s microchip details Use a car crate or dog seatbelt/harness to keep your pet safe Pack your dog’s things last Keep your dog stimulated while your unpack Explore your new house with your dog together In this article Moving … Read more

Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd breed hero

Australian Shepherd Breed Profile Full of energy and eager to please, these shepherd dogs are a growing favourite across the US due to their beautiful coats and temperament. High Energy 12-15 Years Working Dog Jump to Australian Shepherd information Do Australian Shepherds shed? Yes, Australian Shepherds are well known for the amount they shed, which … Read more

How Much Do Puppies Sleep?

puppy sleep on dog bed

Key takeaways Most puppies sleep between 18 to 20 hours a day.   Puppies need to sleep most of the day while they’re growing as it’s crucial for the healthy development of their brain, muscles, and immune system. To promote sleep, keep your puppy on a sleep schedule. In this article How much do puppies … Read more

Puppy Zoomies – Everything You Need to Know About Dog Hyperactivity

Puppy zoomies

Key takeaways Puppy ‘zoomies’ are outbursts of energy that can include running, jumping, yelping and snapping. ‘Zoomies’ or hyperactivity typically last between 1 – 10 minutes. The main cause of ‘zoomies’ is pent-up energy. ‘Zoomies’ commonly happen after situations of excitement but also stress.  Manage ‘Zoomies’ with regular mental stimulation, exercise, and patience. In this … Read more

Working from home with a puppy

Working from home with a puppy

Working from home with a puppy – Key takeaways Make a daily schedule for your puppy that fits around work   Know what to expect from your puppy based on their age and breed   Plan activities for your puppy during breaks to keep them stimulated   Use toys and chews to occupy your puppy … Read more

Puppy dehydration

checking for signs of dehydration in puppy

Puppy dehydration. Key takeaways Be aware of common causes of puppy dehydration. Inadequate fluid intake, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and heatstroke. Always seek Vet advice if any symptoms persist. Look out for symptoms of puppy dehydration. Signs of dehydration include dry or tacky gums, inelastic skin and lethargy. Due to their lack of body fat, puppies … Read more

11 Week Puppy Development – What To Expect

11 week cavalier king charles

In this article 11 Week Puppy Development – What To Expect At 11 weeks old, your new puppy will be a lot more active and mischievous than they were at 8 weeks of age. You certainly have your work cut out for you!   But don’t worry, our handy 11-week-old puppy guide will help you … Read more