French Bulldog

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French Bulldog Breed Profile This trendy dog is fast becoming one of the UK’s favourites and its easy to see why. Cute wrinkles, small size, what’s not to love? Companions 10-14 Years City dogs French Bulldog Profile French Bulldog history and background The French Bulldog has claimed the crown of one of the most beloved … Read more

Jack Russell Terrier

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Jack Russell Terrier Breed Profile Small in size but big in personality, this bread is certainly a bundle of energy and a favourite of the UK. Hard to Train 13-16 Years High Energy Jack Russell Terrier Profile Jack Russell Terrier history and background The Jack Russell Terrier is the UK’s third most popular dog breed, … Read more

Cocker Spaniel

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English Cocker Spaniel Breed Profile A joyful, family dog with a beautiful coat that comes in a wide variation of colours. Family Dogs 12-15 Years Friendly Cocker Spaniel Profile Cocker Spaniel history and background The beloved English Cocker Spaniel (not to be confused with the smaller American Cocker Spaniel) has a history dating all the … Read more

Labrador Retriever

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Labrador Retriever Breed Profile The UK’s favourite dog breed. A friendly, family dog and trusted service dog. Family Friendly 10-14 Years Intelligent Labrador Retriever Profile What’s the Labrador Retriever’s history and background? The Labrador retriever is a devoted family dog who’s history dates back to the 1600s in Newfoundland, Canada. They were originally bread to … Read more