Lab vs Golden retriever

Golden Retriever vs Labrador Retriever

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Golden Retriever vs Labrador

As two of America’s most beloved dogs, the Golden Retriever and the Labrador have cemented a place into the nation’s family home – but which dog claims the top spot as countries most popular in the US? analysed Google search data to find of which dog was the nations favourite in 2022.


The US averaged a combined 5,200,000 monthly searches for Labradors and Golden Retrievers in 2021 but which dog was more popular?

Golden retriever vs labrador

America’s most popular dog – Golden Retriever

Taking the top spot by just 3.84%, the Golden Retriever is North America’s favourite dog out the two with an average 2.7 million monthly searches. The Labrador followed closely with 2.5 million searches per month.

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Golden Retriever puppy vs Labrador puppy dug a little deeper into the nation’s search history to find the Golden Retriever puppy was a clear favourite with an average of 193,000 searches per month, 141% more than its Labrador cousin which received on average 80,000 searches.

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  • An analysis of average monthly search data within the US was used from