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10 common traits of cats

  1. They are independent: Cats are very independent creatures. This means that they do not need to be constantly surrounded by people to be happy. They are perfectly content relaxing on their own or sleeping for hours on end.

  2. They are carnivores: Cats are natural carnivores. This means that their diet should consist mainly of meat. However, there are some commercially available cat foods that contain a balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

  3. They have sharp claws: Cats have sharp claws that they use for hunting and defending themselves. If they feel threatened, they will use their claws to fight back. However, they will also use their claws to mark their territory by scratching furniture or walls.

  4. They have good hearing: Cats have much better hearing than humans. This is because they have more sensitive ear muscles and a higher number of auditory neurons. This helps them to better detect sounds, which is useful for hunting and avoiding predators.

  5. They have good night vision: Cats have special cells in their eyes called rods that help them see in low-light conditions. This allows them to see much better at night than we can.

  6. They can be trained: Although cats are independent creatures, they can actually be trained to do tricks or behaviors on command. This is because they are intelligent animals that are able to learn and remember new things.

  7. They can be lazy: As we mentioned before, cats like to sleep a lot! In fact, they can sleep for up to 16 hours in a day. This is because they are most active at night when they are hunting. During the day, they often prefer to just relax and nap.

  8. They purr when they are happy: Cats often purr when they are content or happy. This is because they have a special muscle in their throat that vibrates when they exhale. This produces a low-frequency sound that we perceive as a purr.
  9. They can be picky eaters: Cats can be very particular about their food and what they will and will not eat. This is because they have a strong sense of smell and can often be put off by certain smells or flavors.

  10. They are creatures of habit: Cats like routine and prefer to stick to the same schedule every day. This means that they may get upset if their routine is changed or disrupted in any way.

10 behaviors you might not know about cats

  1. They love to be high up: Have you ever noticed how your cat loves to be up high? They love being on top of things like cabinets, refrigerators, and even your head! This behavior is actually instinctual for them. In the wild, cats like to be up high so they can survey their surroundings and spot any potential predators.

  2. They love to hide: Another common behavior in cats is their love of hiding. Again, this is something that they do in the wild to stay safe from predators. If they feel threatened, they will find a place to hide and stay there until they feel it is safe to come out.

  3. They love to scratch: Scratching is another common behavior in cats. They do this for two reasons: to mark their territory and to keep their claws sharp. When cats scratch, they leave behind a visual and scent marker that lets other animals know that this is their territory. Sharp claws also help them hunt and defend themselves in the wild.

  4. They have a love for grooming: Grooming is important for cats because it helps them keep clean and free of parasites. However, grooming also has a social function. When cats groom each other, it is a way of showing affection and strengthening the bond between them.

  5. They love to meow: Cats meow for a variety of reasons, but the most common one is to get your attention. When they want food, water, or just some love, they will let you know by meowing. Meowing is also a way for cats to communicate with each other.

  6. They love to play: Playing is an important part of a cat’s life. It helps them stay active and sharpens their hunting skills. When cats play with each other, it is also a way of socializing and strengthening the bond between them.

  7. They love to hunt: Hunting is another instinctual behavior in cats. In the wild, they need to hunt to survive. However, even domestic cats still have this instinct. They will often go after small prey like rodents or birds.

  8. They love to nap: Cats love to sleep! In fact, they spend about 16 hours of every day sleeping. This is because they are most active at night when they are hunting. During the day, they like to relax and nap.

  9. They love cuddling: Contrary to popular belief, cats actually do like to be petted and cuddled. This is another way of showing affection. When you pet a cat, it releases a hormone called oxytocin which makes them feel happy and relaxed.

  10. They can lay in their litter: While this may not be the most pleasant behavior, it is actually perfectly normal for cats. When they lay in their litter, it helps them stay clean and free of parasites.
Written by: Joshua Gordon

Written by: Joshua Gordon

Head of Research and Editorial, Joshua has over 7 years of experience as a finance and automotive research consultant. He is a childhood pet owner and dog enthusiast.