Wisdom Panel DNA test review 2022

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA test review

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If you’ve adopted your dog from a rescue centre or don’t have access to the lineage and pedigree documentation you’d typically receive from a professional dog breeder you may be curious to discover your dog’s breed and ancestry through a company like Wisdom Panel.


It makes sense to check you’re doing everything to make sure your dog is happy and well looked after. And while regular veterinary check-ups are great for making sure your dog is fit and well, it doesn’t really help anticipate any breed personality traits or health problems that might arise in the future.


You might be keen to avoid an unexpected illness with your dog. Or at the very least, be in a position to treat it properly should a problem arise. Hence, we’ve been exploring the benefits of Dog DNA testing kits, a solution that’ll help you understand your dog’s genetics, and plan for any possible hereditary diseases.


Read our Wisdom Panel dog DNA test review below.

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Wisdom Panel Premium™

Dog DNA Collection Kit

Developed by world-leading geneticists and most-used by veterinarians, Wisdom Panel Premium offers a comprehensive dog DNA test.

Who are Wisdom Panel – what does the product offer?

Wisdom Panel Premium is a genetic testing kit for dogs. It claims to help you learn about your dog’s ancestry, its physical traits and identify markers for serious health conditions. The kit consists of a swab test in a sleek little cardboard box.


The database it tests against is nice and broad, and, best of all, service testers report extremely accurate results – including possibly identifying your dog’s ancestry back to its great-grandparents where it has the data.


Wisdom Health is a world leader in genetic testing for dogs, having been used by more than two million pet parents. The company launched its first dog DNA test in 2007 (called Wisdom Panel MX). Further versions included Wisdom Panel Insights, Wisdom Panel Purebred, Wisdom Panel Designer Dog, Wisdom Panel 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0 and Wisdom Panel Health. Wisdom Panel Essential and Premium are the latest versions.


Who is this product for?

Anyone who has a dog and wants to ensure it lives a healthy and happy life for as long as possible could use this product, as well as those looking to rule out any health conditions before breeding from their dog.


It’s also ideal for those with a Heinz 57 (bit of everything) dog, as Wisdom Panel has a massive breed database. And for anyone that just wants to know their pet’s unique story, why it looks the way it does or has certain behaviours.


It’s probably not for someone who has an old dog, or one with already-identified health conditions. Or someone on a budget. It’s priced at the higher end of the market and there are cheaper dog DNA tests available.

Wisdom Panel dog DNA test review


Wisdom Panel offers an excellent dog DNA test. The Wisdom Panel dog DNA tests have undergone considerable development over the years, with more screening and testing added to reach the comprehensive testing kit available today. The fact that two million dog owners have already used Wisdom Health for dog DNA testing tells me it’s a trusted product.


It’s an excellent choice for truly mysterious mixed breeds, especially as a number of rare breeds are included. All that doesn’t come cheap, though, and bear in mind too that the particularly bristly swab can irritate your poor pup’s gums.


How does its dog DNA test process work?

You simply rub a couple of long-handled swabs around the inside of your dog’s cheek for 15 seconds to take samples. Then, place them back into the same packaging and post it back to Wisdom Panel (free). Two to three weeks later, your report will be ready to view online.


Privacy and security

Wisdom Health operates within the Mars family of companies. Mars has a comprehensive data privacy policy that sets out how personal data is collected and used.


Shipping and handling

The process is straightforward. The kit arrives in a small prepaid mailer that you send the sample back in, to the Wisdom lab in Nebraska. Note – you must activate the kit online before sending back.



The accuracy of testing depends on the quality of the DNA sample collected from the dog. If yours is a growler (like mine), you might not be able to extract a decent sample. Because of the potential variation in DNA quality, Wisdom cannot provide a definitive rate of accuracy.



The DNA test process seems straightforward. The fact that Wisdom can’t provide a definitive rate of accuracy is a bit concerning, but understandable given that the quality of DNA samples are bound to vary.


What do customers say?

One recent happy customer on Amazon said that the results came faster than expected and loved that the report showed a possible family tree and markers for any health issues. They’d definitely recommend using it. Read it here.


Another 5-star reviewer used Wisdom Panel Premium for both his rescue dogs. He said the results are comprehensive, giving a percentile breakdown by breed, plus other interesting facts about said breeds. The test provided a very accurate description of both dogs. Read it.


In contrast, one Amazon customer that left a critical review stated that the test was 100% inaccurate. The report showed that the customer’s dog was 100% American Staffordshire Terrier, but the customer believed the dog’s ancestry to be 100% purebred Boxer. Read more.


What do the reviews say?

At the time of writing this article, Wisdom Panel Premium has 312 global ratings on Amazon and an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. It’s a relatively new product; hence it’s not had that many reviews yet compared to Wisdom Health’s predecessor kits. The Wisdom Panel 2.0 dog DNA test, for instance, has achieved 4.5 out of 5 stars and has 2,015 individual ratings.

What are the pros of Wisdom Panel Premium?

  • Tests for 200+ genetic conditions.

  • Only licensed provider of the MDR1 drug sensitivity test.

  • Extensive breed database – more than 350 breeds.

  • Quick results.

What are the cons of Wisdom Panel Premium?

  • It’s not cheap – you can DNA test your dog for less.
  • No definitive accuracy rating.
  • Data not shareable, it can only be viewed online.

Our overall verdict

Wisdom Panel is an established brand, developed by top geneticists. It’s popular with vets, as well as dog owners. With its extensive breed database and health testing capability, it’s right up there as one of the top dog DNA testing kits.


It’s not cheap, but it’s not too badly priced either. There are others around the same price. That said, Wisdom Panel Essential  is a less expensive option if you’re happy to forgo the health testing aspect.


The undetermined level of accuracy with this test kit is a downside. While most customer reviews I’ve read say the accuracy is spot on, others contradict this. However, Wisdom Panel scores highly in terms of ratings, so as a product, it’s certainly worth a look.

What are the alternatives for the Wisdom Panel dog DNA test?

Three other dog DNA testing kits that are worth checking out are:

Things to consider before buying a Wisdom Panel dog DNA test

The Wisdom Panel Premium dog DNA test helps you understand your dog’s ancestry and physical traits, and identify any health concerns that may arise as a result of genetics. Before you buy one, it’s essential to make sure it fits with your needs.

This product is ideal for people who are thinking of breeding from their dog. But it’s also for anyone who wants to make informed decisions about their dog’s health in years to come. Or those that want to create an even stronger bond with their puppy by learning all about its genetic makeup.


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Wisdom Panel Premium™

Dog DNA Collection Kit

Developed by world-leading geneticists and most-used by veterinarians, Wisdom Panel Premium offers a comprehensive dog DNA test.